Amanheceremos – Jaime & Nair #4

Buyers scoring the 10 highest bids will own this NFT that includes a 9 ½ minute duration mp4, certified on the blockchain, containing 3 never before published phonograms by the duo Jaime Alem and Nair Cândia, recorded in 1979. The videos are illustrated by exclusive photos and press coverage pieces of that time. The byers will also receive at home the very rare vinyl record “Amanheceremos”, original from 1979, autographed (shipping included within Brazilian territory only). And will participate in an exclusive live stream launch concert event followed by Q&A session with the artists. The 3 unreleased phonograms will only be available to the general public via streaming after 6 months.

* This NFT does not contemplate the transfer of intellectual property of any of its parts, phonograms or photos, and cannot be used commercially by the buyer under any circumstances.

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Historic context:

Amanheceremos – Jaime Alem & Nair Cândia (1979)
Special Guest: Gonzaguinha

In the 70’s, artists, musicians and composers, following a worldwide trend, decided for Independent Production. Pianist Antonio Adolfo pioneered his 1977 LP “Feito em Casa”. In 1979, vocal group Boca Livre released their first album.

In September 1979 Amanheceremos was released, having the famous singer/composer Gonzaguinha as special guest. Distributed by the label Eldorado, the vinyl record achieved expressive sales.

The album has a differential. Due to the limitation of the number of tracks that a Vinyl record could contain for not losing quality, two tracks used to come separately as a single compact, inserted inside the cover of the full album.

Journalist and writer Maurício Krubusly, noting that the duo did not get the prominence they deserved, in his column for Revista Somtrês (March/1980), wrote “Within the healthy outbreak of independent recordings that flourished in ‘79, this pair did not get the prominence that it deserved… Mixing urban and interior elements with precision… It’s worth investing and betting.”

The LP Amanheceremos entered the rarity category, bought by weight of gold. It is worshiped on social media, with many unauthorized publications on Youtube channels.

In 2016, DJ Kaytranada (Canada and United Kingdom), the same guy who sampled Gal Costa’s recordings, asked for a license to use part of the phonogram “Olho de Vidro”, fourth track on Amanheceremos. The partnership spawned a new title “Got It Good” in several vocal and instrumental versions.

Unreleased rarities

To the artists’ sadness, two songs were left out of the LP, “Coração Vazio” (Jaime Alem) and “Misturei Mandei” (Carlos Rocha and Jaime Alem). The original tapes were reported lost.

In 2020, during the pandemic having time to spare, Jaime decided to research his collection and found unidentified material, which contained copies of the original recordings of “Coração Vazio” and “Misturei Mandei” on 1/4 tape in critical condition. Along with them a voice and guitar version of “Cinzel de Ouro”, live in Juiz de Fora, a year before the release of the LP. Properly recovered and remastered, the three songs will be made available on digital platforms in the second half of 2022. Interestingly, a few years ago Jaime and Nair were informed of the existence of a warehouse where leftovers from the pressing industry would be stored, some boxes of the LP Amanheceremos were rescued and kept safely. This limited number of units will be made available to fans and collectors, duly autographed by the artists.

Compositor. Instrumentista. Arranjador. Diretor Musical
  • Composer. Musician. Arranger. Music Diretor
  • Maria Bethânia’s music director for 28 years
  • Gold record in 1989
  • 1990 Sharp Award
  • APCA (Association of Art Critics of SP) award as best arranger of 1992
  • Soundtrack for the film “DOIS FILHOS DE FRANCISCO”
  • Theme for the award-winning MUTUM – Best Film at the Rio Festival 2007
  • National Symphony Orchestra UFF – CABOCLINHA SUITE – Concerto For Viola Caipira and Symphony Orchestra – 2017
  • Musical Director Maria Bethânia and Zeca Pagodinho – 2018/19
  • As Music Director of Maria Bethânia – more than twenty albums and shows from 1984 to 2012.
  • Works with other artists: Golden Boys, Trio Esperança, Os Abelhudos, Elba Ramalho, Alcione, Rita Benneditto, Nair Cândia, Sueli Costa, João Fenix.
  • Production and Music Direction of the highly successful show and DVD “As Três Meninas do Brasil”.
  • He produced CDs for the samba composer Dicró including the fantastic “Três Malandros” with the participation of Moreira da Silva and Bezerra da Silva.
Various productions and creations 2018 to 2021
  • Arrangements for Brasilian singer Joanna’s new album – 2018
  • Teatro de Goiânia – March 1, 2019 – inauguration of the official season with the Goiânia Symphonic Orchestra – CABOCLINHA SUITE – Concert for Viola Caipira and Orquestra Sinfonica.
  • Launch of Trio JaNaJu together with Nair Cândia and Jurema de Cândia – October 2020
  • Production Album “Gotas de Sangue” – João Fênix and Luis Otávio – Biscoito Fino – 2021
  • October 2021 – Resumption of concerts – Homage to Vinicius de Moraes – João Caetano RJ Theater – OSRJ – with Haroldo Costa, Joyce Moreno, Marcos Sacramento, Marcel Powell and OSRJ – Rio de Janeiro Soloist Orchestra.
Author discography:

1974 – Jaime e Nair – (CID) LP
1979 – Amanheceremos – Jaime e Nair – Independent – LP
1989 – CD Canção de Um Outro Dia – Nair Cândia
2001 – CD Um Banquinho, Um Violão – Seven Records
2001 – Launch in Japan – LP Jaime e Nair em CD – Video Arts Music – Japan
2009 – Dez Cordas do Brasil – instrumental of viola caipira – Repique Brasil
2014 – CD Meu Relicário – Biscoito Fino
2017 – LP Jaime e Nair reissue – Brazil and abroad – Polysom
2020 – Single “Homens de Pedra” – Trio JaNaJu – August 10, 2020

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